DUC THANH was established in 2001 with a strong aspiration for better life that is also the only way we treat our employees to bring their dedications and loves in the garment products.

Therefore, our products are welcomed by prestigious partners over the world and the end consumers feel happy and confident for what they wear.

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  • Duc Thanh 1 – TI

    Established in August 2001 with 200 employees, 2,000m2 factory and 6,000 pieces of garment/week.


    Total Employees: 2,200
    Total land area: 25,000 m2
    Factory Area: 21,700 m2
    Production Line: 60 lines
    Capacity: 160,000 pieces/week
    Last Year Production: 8,000,000 pcs of garment.
  • Thanh Truc

    Established in August 2006


    Total Employees: 700
    Total land area: 8,000 m2
    Factory Area: 5,000 m2
    Production Lines: 23 lines
    Capacity: 70,000 pieces per week
    Last Year Production: 3,000,000 pcs
  • Duc Thanh 2 - KL

    Established in December 2008 with 1600 employees.


    Total land area 15,000 m2
    Factory area 12,000 m2
    Production line: 45 lines
    Capacity: 120,000 pcs/week.
    Last year production 5,000,000 pieces of garment.
  • Duc Thanh 3 - ERGO

    Established in May 2015 with 590 employees.


    Total land area 13,700 m2
    Factory area 10,000 m2
    Production line: 15 lines
    Capacity 35,000 pcs/week.
    Last year production 1,500,000 pcs
    100% FOB product
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